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511 Gordon Avenue
Thomasville, GA, 31792

(229) 228-9019

THRIVE Physical Therapy and Fitness: Private Treatment Rooms, Manual Therapy, Women's Health, Chronic Pain, Spine Pain, Fitness Training, Weight Loss, Diabetes, Headaches, Sports Injury, Dance Recovery, Scar Release, Scoliosis, Balance Training, Vertigo, and more.


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Is treatment covered by insurance?

In general, Physical Therapy is well covered by insurance.  While Georgia is an open-access state (you don't necessarily need a referall for limited Physical Therpay visits), you will need a referral from a physician in order for us to bill some insurances (such as Medicare), and there are some services that your insurance may not cover.  

Are you in network with my insurance?

We are in network with most major insurances (see list below).  Please call us if you don’t see your plan, and we can check it out.

Aetna, Align, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Cigna, Coventry, First Health, Humana, Medical Mutual, Med Risk, Medicare, NovaNet, Prime Health,  Tech Health, United Health Care, and Universal Smart Comp, 

We are not a provider for Medicaid.  Sorry.

How do I download the New Patient Packet.

Simply click here to view/download the packet online. 

How much will I owe?

That depends since every insurance plan is different.  We will contact your insurance company either before your first appointment or on the day of your first appointment and let you know what you owe.  We usually do this before your first appointment.  If you would like to know in advance, we are often able to do that for you as well.  Or, if you rather you may call your insurance company, and they can tell you your therapy benefits.  You may owe a deductible (especially in the beginning of the year), and you may owe a co-pay or a co-insurance payment.  We accept cash, check, debit cards, and credit cards (Visa, Master Card and Discover).

Does it hurt?

We do NOT believe in the "No Pain, No Gain" philosophy.  In most cases, if it is hurting, it is too much.  When you move painful or stiff body parts, you will usually feel pressure and stretch and it may be tender.  However, we strive to make your treatment as comfortable and pleasant as possible. 

What do you to on the first visit?

On your first visit, we want to get to know you and figure out what you want to accomplish with therapy.  So, we will talk to you for a few minutes.  Then, we will check to see how well you move and assess your joint, muscle, and nerve health.  Usually, we will then give you some instructions for home that will get you started toward your goal or we will treat something that we find.  It is a very interactive process, so we welcome your input.  After all, it is your body.   

Do I need a Doctor’s referral?

In the state Georgia, you no longer have to have a physician's referral for physical therapy - you can come for a limited amount of visits without one.  However, some insurances (such as Medicare) still require a referral, so if you plan on your insurance paying for your therapy, you will need a referral from a doctor, dentist, or other professional (such as a nurse practitioner or a physician assistant).  We do have cash services such as massage, fitness, and weight loss that do not require a referral.   If you have any questions about the referral or scheduling process, please give our office a call.

Who decides where I go for therapy?

In short, YOU DO!  Your doctor may have a recommendation, but you have the final say.  

How do I make an appointment?

You can call us at (229)-228-9019, or you can email us.  We will need your insurance information and some basic information in order to verify your benefits.  You can fill out the paperwork on line and fax or scan it to us.  Our fax number is (229)-228-6066 or you can email us at