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THRIVE Physical Therapy and Fitness: Private Treatment Rooms, Manual Therapy, Women's Health, Chronic Pain, Spine Pain, Fitness Training, Weight Loss, Diabetes, Headaches, Sports Injury, Dance Recovery, Scar Release, Scoliosis, Balance Training, Vertigo, and more.


Rose City (Run) Ready!

Dawn Muller


As of the writing of this article, we are about 2 weeks out from the Rose City 1 mile, 5k, and
10k walk/run on April 28, 2018 and the weather is getting perfect for lacing up the shoes and
hitting the pavement. But, first things first, let’s look at some training issues that could stop you in your tracks and keep you from crossing the finishing line.

● When was the last time you walked/ran/exercised? If the answer to that is "I dunno," then working back into your routine is best. If your last  run was 8 miles and your running
shoes have a layer of dust on them, then it is best to start out with a run that won’t take you
more than about 20 minutes.  Doing this will let you know if your body is ready for more miles or that you might want to build up more gradually.

● Are your shoes a little too worn or off little support anymore? It might be a good time to visit our friends at DASH at 127 E. Jackson St. to get a new pair and break them in before the race.

● Or maybe you've noticed your shoes are worn out along the insides of the shoes. You might be one of those “pronators”(where the big toe side of your foot rotates towards the floor and your arch flattens out). This can come from a number of things. Your arches might be naturally flatter for which an insert or specialized shoe might be just the fix. You might lack some strength and control coming from the hip that allows your foot to roll in.

Below, we’ll look at some strategies to fight that and work on preventing overuse injuries like
shin splints, knee cap pain, or ankle sprains.

● Ok, so maybe you have some knee pain when you go up and down stairs or when running ... so let's do a little test.  Find a mirror and perform a squat in front of it. Do your knees come towards each other when you are going down or up. No? Then grab a foot stool and slowly step down on the side. Does your knee wobble or hang out between the big toe and your leg that is off the stool (like having knock-knees)? If you answered yes to either of those two questions, it is likely time to pay attention to your hip strength. Check out the exercises below for some of my favorite strengthening exercises for improving the hip. (click on link, agree and click Verify to view) 

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