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THRIVE Physical Therapy and Fitness: Private Treatment Rooms, Manual Therapy, Women's Health, Chronic Pain, Spine Pain, Fitness Training, Weight Loss, Diabetes, Headaches, Sports Injury, Dance Recovery, Scar Release, Scoliosis, Balance Training, Vertigo, and more.


Get to Know Your Therapist: Brian Kimrey, RN, PT, DPT

Dawn Muller

During the month of October, we begin to celebrate the beginning of the new season. Here at THRIVE, we celebrate October to acknowledge our physical therapists! It is National Physical Therapy Month, and we cannot wait to introduce one of our newest PTs, Dr. Brian Kimrey!

Dr. Brian Kimrey RN, PT, DPT

Dr. Brian Kimrey RN, PT, DPT

We asked Dr. Kimrey to share with us a few of the experiences which led him to become a physical therapist. We want our patients to know that our PTs are passionate about their practice, and will work to the best of their ability to assist you in your healing journey.

Why did you become a PT? 
It’s the perfect blend of being a scientist and an educator. Selfishly, it’s gratifying to have a role in improving life for someone else. I like to study the body - it’s a pretty miraculous thing.

What steps did you take to make your PT career happen? 
When I started working as a nurse in 2013, I began at a Rehab Center to be close to therapy services. Over the next 2 years, I garnered observation hours - enough to apply to programs. I got to stay in Tallahassee at FAMU and worked the occasional evening or weekend at the Behavioral Health Center through school. FAMU exposed me to Thrive and for that I’m grateful.

What were some of your jobs you had before you started your PT career? 
I’ve been a nurse (still am) and I worked for a contractor in the BP oil spill, staff for a gym and carried chairs and umbrellas in the beach service.

What is your favorite part of being a PT?
To be redundant, seeing people improve and being a part of it. I appreciate the ability to have real conversations and intimate relationships teaching people what I think they’d like to know about their bodies.

What are some of the jobs biggest challenges?
To be frank - documentation! I love to talk and I love to treat I don’t really like sitting in front of a computer. - If that’s the biggest challenge, it’s not very big.

I want to be as effective as possible but sometimes progress is slow..

How do you make certain that you are kept up-to-date on new research or PT practices?
I’ve spent some free time at FAMU with new students in the cadaver lab. I prefer a shotgun approach to collecting information bout the body and its physiology. I don’t subscribe to any journals or publishings specifically, but I usually wrestle with a question in my head for months, slowly gathering resources to help grow my own conclusions.

I look forward to taking courses provided by the Postural Restoration Institute to make me a more capable and effective clinician.

What is one interesting fact most of our readers/patients may not know about you?
I have an identical twin brother and if physical therapy doesn’t work out, I would gladly be a dog trainer..

Quick Facts:
Fav Color: Don’t have one
Fav Drink: Water - Gotta be hydrated, people!
Fav Food: pizza and ice cream. (But I do love a hearty salad, too!)
Favorite Activity: I’m a powerlifter at heart, but I love walking Sue’s and my dog, Buford.
Fav Vacation Spot: Universal Studios, Orlando
Fav Time of Year: the present
Morning Person or Night Owl: Night owl by preference but I am in transition
Favorite Quote(s): “Strength is never a weakness.’ - Mark Bell
“Our Greatest glory is not in never falling but in rising every time we fall.” -Confucius