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511 Gordon Avenue
Thomasville, GA, 31792

(229) 228-9019

THRIVE Physical Therapy and Fitness: Private Treatment Rooms, Manual Therapy, Women's Health, Chronic Pain, Spine Pain, Fitness Training, Weight Loss, Diabetes, Headaches, Sports Injury, Dance Recovery, Scar Release, Scoliosis, Balance Training, Vertigo, and more.


Don't Just Live ... THRIVE!

Dawn Muller

Nobody sets out to be unhealthy.  It is just that some people don’t plan NOT to be unhealthy.  Now, I recognize that is a double negative, but I want to make the point that being healthy into adulthood takes some planning.  It is not all-consuming.  Yet, it does take some foresight and action on your part.  "But, I am already so busy," you say.  I get that. 

However, your body is the most expensive, high-tech, complicated machine you will ever possess, and the replacement parts are REALLY expensive.  So, it is a great idea to take simple steps to make sure you are humming along into your 80’s.  

Research shows that about 70-90% of how you look, age, and feel is based on your choices, not your genes.  That means you have some control over the aging process.  It also means that you have some responsibility.  The good news is with relatively simple changes you can turn the clock back 5-7 years.  With more committed changes you can cheat Father Time out of about 15 years.  

At Thrive, we don’t just teach you how to do rotator cuff or back exercises.  We look at how you got to the point of pain in the first place.  Do you sit too much?  Does your posture increase the strain on your ligaments?  Are there ways to change the things you do often to vary the stress?  

We can help with that.  Then we will teach you the exercises that you typically think of as Physical Therapy treatment.  

Remember, we don’t want you to just live, we want you to Thrive!!!